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New virtual server and system... fixing stuff

BIOS update to server - this resolves many problems. :)

Added thumbnails to the comment page.

Welcome to NEW SERVER! If something is broken, please tell us. :)

11.3 - 24.3.2016
Big problems with 1) networking 2) server provider 3) server provider

All 2015 calendar flashes

Dagobah advent calendar 2015 + christmas theme. Sorry for the delay :)

Once a day frontpage will check your flash version and pop-up if you have an old version active.

Enabled SSL (TLS) encryption to login/register pages. If those are not working for you, you can just remove 's' from the url.

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what is dagobah?

dagobah is a website for storing the best flash-animations on the internet!
the range of content varies from simple loops to demanding games and professionally made music videos.
we only accept the best!

where does the name "dagobah" come from?

the name comes from Star Wars, it was the name of the planet to which Yoda escaped.
once upon a time, there was an IRC-channel called #dagobah...
well actually, it's still there (@quakenet). you're welcome to join and chat with us, though almost all of the chatting is done in Finnish.

we just copied the channel name for the site, the channel was named so because at the time, SW movies were still going, and we were kind of fans. even I don't know what lead to this particular name choice. =)

why did I (mRkukov) create this site?

as i told before, the name of the site came from the IRC-channel. there's a proper reason for this: the very first flash (kivaa.swf) was posted Thu Nov 11 2004 at 19:14:31 on #dagobah.
because 4chan was really slow in Europe at the time, and I decided to host some flashes for my friends. it was a no-ip domain, and the server was my own computer. later on we had "I-Bot" as our server and IRC-bot. it was my old computer on an ADSL-connection (512kbps upload) running on linux.

how did the site start growing?

for some time I hosted the "site" on my own computer with ADSL as a connection. once the page got more flashes the links were spreading in the internet.
the old apache index(+descriptions) were ported to php + mysql as I started to "test" some simple php-scripts.
can you remember the first php layout? it looked something like this.

at some point, the link ended up into a big site in Poland. at first I thought the server was under attack, since the linux + apache killed 99% of the connection.
after that, I decided to put the site into a real hosting service. this was the first time I had to put some money into the site. to cover the cost of the server, we had to get some income. we went to google and got adsense.
since that, we've had adsense-ads on the site, and they are just enough to keep the site up. personally I hate ads, so there is (and always will be) an option to hide them. use it! =)

the first host started to feel a little too small for the site, so we got a new one. the new one got too small, and we got to another one. web-hotels started to feel too small, so we went and rented a dedicated host. their so-called "unlimited bandwith" turned out to be 2TB, and we were in trouble. then we got to the current host (as of 2010) and this still has some space to grow. ad-incomes are still used to pay our server and systems.

the first layout was... could you even call it a layout?
then one time, anssu came to our irc-channel and said that we really need a new layout.
I just said that if he makes one, I'll put it into the live.
since then, we've been working together.

for a long time, I was the only one who approved the flashes, updated the code and maintained the server. after 3000 flashes it started to get a little boring. at 4000, I started to hate it.
it just took way too much time, and since the process was so complicated, I couldn't ask anyone to help.
then finally, I made some time to prepare a better moderating system.
the moderator area was created, and a few regular users were asked to join.
about half of those were chosen: Carabia, Damankee, Hideki, LordJebe and sinnfreichan.
finally, I got some help to keep the site running. without the help of these people, the site would be almost dead by now.

our plans for the future?

our plan is to take over the world before google does it!...AND WE ARE SERIUS! =)
no but really, this site was originally made to serve people, and that's our main focus even to this day. we will keep our eyes on it for the future.
we have grown, but the site is still the same old dagobah as it was. our goal is to be the #1 place to find the best flashes.


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