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New virtual server and system... fixing stuff

BIOS update to server - this resolves many problems. :)

Added thumbnails to the comment page.

Welcome to NEW SERVER! If something is broken, please tell us. :)

11.3 - 24.3.2016
Big problems with 1) networking 2) server provider 3) server provider

All 2015 calendar flashes

Dagobah advent calendar 2015 + christmas theme. Sorry for the delay :)

Once a day frontpage will check your flash version and pop-up if you have an old version active.

Enabled SSL (TLS) encryption to login/register pages. If those are not working for you, you can just remove 's' from the url.

12345 flashes

Dagobah Flash Gallery


here you can upload flashes (.swf files) from your computer into Dagobah flash gallery for everyone to loop.
every flash will be checked trough before they are accepted into the gallery. our team of highly trained cats will discard flahes which don't meet the quality criteria. remember: no "adult only" content (that doesn't have anything else in it)!

you have to be the copyright owner of the files you are going to upload. if not, be sure that they are freely distributed!

flash file:

(maximum file size 50mb)

category: loop game humor music video misc
adult content: yes, sex please

additional information:


After you have uploaded the flash, it will take some time before it appears on the front page. If we happen to have a large buffer at the time, it may take many weeks. (so if it's urgent, add a comment)
This is just because we want to have new stuff for every single day and even the moderators need some free time. :)