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posted: 22.8.2007
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New virtual server and system... fixing stuff

BIOS update to server - this resolves many problems. :)

Added thumbnails to the comment page.

Welcome to NEW SERVER! If something is broken, please tell us. :)

11.3 - 24.3.2016
Big problems with 1) networking 2) server provider 3) server provider

All 2015 calendar flashes

Dagobah advent calendar 2015 + christmas theme. Sorry for the delay :)

Once a day frontpage will check your flash version and pop-up if you have an old version active.

Enabled SSL (TLS) encryption to login/register pages. If those are not working for you, you can just remove 's' from the url.

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Most if not all sounds are ripped off from Lemmings.
#1 - Cube - 08/22/2007 - 17:55
And the game is a straight rip trom Xeno Tactic http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/382321
#2 - PenZon - 08/22/2007 - 20:43
>>#2 This WAS before Xeno Tactic.
#3 - Damankee - 08/23/2007 - 05:21
I f*cking enjoyed the game, stop whining like an ex-couple.
#4 - aww man - 08/23/2007 - 05:58
game is f*cking awsome
who cares if its "ripped off from another game" they must have changed it somewhat anyway or they would have had to delete the game duhhh so shut up and if you dont like the game dont play it simple solution. i personally love the game all the bitches that complain just shut up:-O
#5 - massgam3r - 05/06/2010 - 16:22
Anyone who whine's need to shut the F*** up
This game is absolutely amazing to play when you have nothing else to do, people need to stop saying that it's the same as some other game that noone cares about, if it's that big of an issue, than don't frakin play. And if you want to go that route, than you can pretty much say every online game created after 2004 has been a rip off in some aspects, the game play or graphics, as another game that was before it. I can bet both of you that complained probably liked Avatar as well, well in case you didn't realize this, that entire movie was basically "Dances with Wolves" with blue people, so don't complain about little things like similaritys in a flash game that has done so well.
#6 - Brendon - 05/28/2010 - 01:39
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