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penis: Oh, this. Good show, good show. I heard that bad graphics are often scarier than extremely good graphics because bad graphics lets the player's imagination more loose, while extreme graphics are more stone. Example: Oh look. A woman without eyeballs puking tentacles. Meh. Oh look. A very poorly designed baby horse carcass oh god jesus shit blaa piss AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH (August 18, 2011, 5:02 pm)

asdfcopter: oh god no.. (August 18, 2011, 5:33 pm)

Miskur: Not some cheap crap here. It deserved a 5 for the twist and the good work on the game. Don't expect any cute stuff here. You've been warned! *ghostly laugh* (August 18, 2011, 7:41 pm)

Anonymous: i just had friendship aneurysm (August 18, 2011, 8:53 pm)

anon: as much as I hate ponycrap, I can't help 5'ing this (August 18, 2011, 9:57 pm)

Anooon: I shouldn't be needed. But here's a walkthrough for ya'll--Details have been cut out. Screen 01: Walk to the right. You use the arrow keys to move. Screen 02: Keep walking to the right. You'll use Z to interact later on. Screen 03: Twilight S. will come walking north from the below pasblaa, ensue with cutscene. After cutscene ends, follow her until you reach your destination. Screen 04: Twilight will deliver the book, proceed to follow her. Screen 05: Several trees have fallen, despite Twilight S.'s advice, walk north a bit. You'll see another pony walk into a vine encumbered pasblaa, follow her. Several Screens of following ensue, keep going until you emerge into a village. Screen 06: Upon being greeted, walk north until you see a pony in front of a house, speak to him. Then head west one screen. Screen 07: Hang southwest, you'll see something just by the cliff, grab it and bring it back to the pony in front of the house. Enter the house. Pushing Block puzzle: Push the first block north until it fits with the stacks to either side of it. Push the block east of you against the wall. Move through the pasblaa to the blocks in the northeastern part of the room, now push the block against the northeasternmost block. Push the block south of you south. Push the block that is now east of you east. Grab the [CRANK] on the floor in the way. Talk to this pony, Mirra. "This isn't right! It isn't right. Over and over it's just the same! Screen 08: Travel west one screen, then follow the path west, then north. Speak to the green pony seated next to the house. "We have everything we need right here, so we hardly ever leave!" Continue east and back out into the wood. Screen 09: More following. There is a house here, approach the the well and interact with with since you have the [CRANK]. [RUSTY KEY] GET! Enter the house. Screen 10: Inside the house, interact with the table and the fireplace(Or try to.) loiter for awhile till dialogue. After dialogue, leave the house and back into the village. Screen 11: Go west, when you see a fence nearby, dialogue ensues. Continue west for a short cutscene and dialogue. Do not interact with these NPCs or get in intimate range of them, period. Continue south and dance with this newly approching pony to gain some time to push the movable rock south, dialogue ensues. As soon as you get enough grounds to move, hug the wall slightly south and make your way east, another pony will be moving about, except this one will "skip" movement frames. Zoneline just ahead. Screen 12: Move south, cutscene ensues with dialogue, keep moving south, yet more dialogue. After all the cutscenes end, skip past the NPC in the doorway and zone. Screen 13: Several screens. Details are unimportant, just proceed through as accurately and quickly as you can till you see a path on the ground, and have entered from the south. Screen 14: You'll see a path here. Follow it. cutscene ensues when you find it's source. ENJOY END! (August 19, 2011, 6:35 pm)

Anooon: Also, gameboy tag needs to be changed to NES. The cartridge with the PLAY button is clearly a Nintendo Entertainment System cart, not a Gameboy cart. (August 19, 2011, 7:00 pm)

asdgfhsakg: I'm not a big fan of MLP but HOLY SHITWAFFLES THAT WAS AWESOME. Really well done. :-) (August 19, 2011, 9:18 pm)

anotherfag: shit sucked, not even a blaa scene (August 31, 2011, 10:39 pm)

frapler: needs ponyshit tag. (September 23, 2011, 6:08 pm)



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